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Guatape, Colombia:  A great place to visit,
                          even better place to live!

Guatape  Investment Properties

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See What the NY TIMES Says About Guatape!

Guatape (pronounced gwah-tah-PAY) is a beautiful, traditional pueblo situated 1.5 hours east of Medellin on a good highway, and only an hour from Rionegro International Airport. Located on the shore of an amazing lake and nestled among green, forested hills at an altitude of nearly 2.000m, Guatape offers one of the most agreeable climates anywhere.

The pueblo (pop: 5,000) is famous for its zocalos--raised-relief paintings that adorn the lower third of most of the homes and buildings. It also features a kilometer long malecon, or waterfront walkway, that is lined with restaurants, entertainment and boats. Popular excursions include La Isla Fantasia; Pablo Escobar's famous bombed out finca La Manuela; the cross rising out of the water over Viejo Peñol that commerates where the original church was located before the old town of Peñol was flooded to create the lake; and El Vertedero, which is the dramatic series of cascades that are created when the lake overflows. And of course there is fishing for largemouth bass, tilapia and mojarra.

With its abundance of natural beauty combined with the traditional flavor of the town, it's no wonder that the world is falling in love with Guatape. 10 years ago there was no tourism here at all because of the security situation. Now things couldn't be more different: In March 2010 the South American Games held the aquatic events here; the UPB (university in Medellin) rowing team has there headquarters here; the lake hosts many international sporting events every year including cycling, swimming and running. In fact, one of the
most important international triathlons is scheduled for November, 2011, Guatape being the first South American host since Rio in 2004.

As a consequence this town is poised to be a true tourist mecca. Real estate prices have gone up considerably in the last couple years, but this is just the beginning. There is still plenty of appreciation that is yet to come, which makes Guatape an excellent place to invest...and a great place to live.

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